Tax inclusive option in Journal Entry

Hi there, in journal entries, I can add tax code next to the amounts… but “amounts are tax inclusive” option is not available! and the amounts shown in summary tax included, I want to make a journal entry with tax excluded amounts. Can you help me with this?

What are you using the journal entries for?

It is rare to have to use journal entries as the other ways of entries (invoices, spend money, etc) cope with most need.

Never mind :sweat_smile:, it was for sales returns… it should be a cash transaction, not journal entry

Sorry, my bad

Just for the record, a Journal Entry can only have tax inclusive amounts when using tax codes.

If it can be cash exclusive also, that will be easier

What do you mean by “cash exclusive?”

Sorry, Tax exclusive

I originally shared this opinion. But I have since changed my mind. Journal entries are fairly rare in Manager. Given the difficulty many users have understanding which accounts should be debited and credited, I now think journal entries are less susceptible to errors if the full amount being transferred is used every time. Apparently, the developer agrees; there may even be reasons buried in the code why this is necessary, but I am not smart enough to know that.