TAX Column

In a previous version the TAX Column was not block but in new version its getting block after an entry posted, kindly review and make it un block as it was earlier

More context is required as in some situations this is by design.

For example tax is applied on invoices. When the invoice is paid/receipted there is no tax. In the past it was ignored, now it is shown as not applicable.


Can i get a direct contact detail to contact with the software devoloper to speak with

No. Support is only through forum. Tax module had recently many changes. Please read the guides.

Which screen is this occurring on?
What account is selected for that line item?


it was in previous version

Setting, Import Tax Codes and than in the Tax Code as below


As stated you actually cannot inport UAE VAT

and without VAT codes you cannot have drop-down menu. So there are several way you can solve this issue:

  1. create tax codes from scratch by hand
  2. batch create tax code after exporting them, through batch update, from an existing business that has already tax codes
  3. clone an existing business and delete all transaction inside of it
  4. wait for the implementation. But maybe it will takes long

We have lost he ability to

  • Import tax codes for most countries
  • Maintain a constant GUID for a countries standard tax codes

The three remaining ways of maintaining a countries tax code GUID are


  • Use the API to get and put the tax codes or report transformation with their GUID

The current official solution is

Which will result in a new GUID being assigned to the custom tax code

We can actually batch create Tax Code (which was not possible before and was added without advice) but, as said the problem are the UUIDs.

We need a solution to set UUIDs in Chart of Accounts, Tax Codes and Custom Fields.

The easiest way is to reintroduce the possibility to import settings from files. I dont’t see any conflict with the possibility to import them form internet.