Tax codes set for non-inventory items do not appear on sales quotes/orders


I am using the server edition. After the recent upgrade, I noticed that while making sales invoice / purchase invoice /credit note / debit note , selecting items from the non inventory items list, automatic VAT in line items has been disabled, even when the vat percentage has been setup while creating the non inventory item.

In the previous edition, the VAT percentage used to automatically appear.

It would be helpful if you said which version you are now using and which version you upgraded from - a recent upgrade could mean anything

Also, post edit screens of the transaction, non-inventory item and tax codes


i upgraded to 21.3.40


please see attachment.

In version 21.3.51
Tax code

Non-inventory item

New sales invoice

After selecting Customer and non-inventory item

SO either update again or your settings are not correct

The problem is with the sales quote.

see the form default screen

5% vat defined

While selecting non inventory items from sales quote, 5% vat disappears.

Indeed. I can confirm this - It does work in version 21.3.10 so this changed sometime between 21.3.10 and 21.3.51

You should change you thread heading as it is misleading

@dlxprint, it makes it difficult to tell what is going on when you show a different item in every screen shot. Show the Edit screen for the item Canvas.

Also, understand that the Form Default will only apply to the first line item, because that is all you defined. Additionally, any tax code defined or not defined for the item will override the Form Default, because you chose no item there.

These images relate to sales quote

I can duplicate this bug and am moving the topic to the bugs category.

Hi Tut. Just wanted to add to this that I’m having a similar problem when creating sales orders with non-inventory items.

Apologies if I’m taking you back, but I’m having the same issue on my Sales Quotes where the Tax codes are not showing automatically (even though I have allocated a tax code to all items under “Non-Inventory Items”.
I’m using the server edition. It shows version 21.3.74 and am running on Windows.

In a new Sales Quote, when i select a Non-Inventory Item, the “Tax Code” drop down box appears but with no Tax Code. I would now have to manually click the tax code for every quote created and for every line item on the quote.

Below is a screenshot of the Sales Quote Screen:

Below is a screenshot of my selections and inputs in the Tax Codes section:

Perhaps I have missed something. Please may you help.

Hi. Regarding this VAT issue around the Sales Quote…I’ve tried checking the forum for updates and I couldn’t find any. Are you guys still working on it or can you point me somewhere where i can find the fix?
Its just causing issues for my guys doing the quoting and invoicing :frowning:


If this bug is fixed, it will be announced in this topic and the topic itself will be removed from the bugs category.

This should be resolved in the latest version (21.3.81)

When scrolling (Non-Inventory item for account) it often hangs for quite some time (see screenshot), ie is almost as if you use a complicated loop of multiple lookups. The previous versions (when it worked as now) were much smoother and if I recall well also included the o-so essential categories. Please improve this, thanks.
Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 06.20.38