Tax Codes gone after update

I updated manager (PC Version) from version 19.5.4 to 19.6.39. After the update all the Tax codes are gone. All the previous bookings revering to this Tax codes are now revering to “Suspense” instead. It seams to me that the database cenversion done during the update has a bug.
I do have a backup from the database and I could roll back to version 19.5.4. to fix it. Is it just me or are there others with the same problem?


was the tax code in-built or custom created?

do you mean the tax codes no longer appear in transactions? or tax codes do not appear as enabled under Manager Settings?
have you tried enabling the in-built tax code to check if everything returns to normal?

Tax codes are not gone. What has changed is where and how you get them. Tax codes are now part of the localization capabilities of Manager, instead of having hundreds of them built into the program. The process for obtaining and installing tax codes and other localizations is literally a work in progress and has been modified several times in the last day. So there are not yet Guides to explain it all, and some of the existing Guides await revision.

Currently, go the the top menu bar on the home page. Click Localizations. If your country comes up, click its name. If not, click the other link and then the country you want. The instructions for there on are fairly self-explanatory.

If your country is one for which there is already a report transformation, tax codes are currently installed as part of installing the report(s).

However, updating your software should not have done anything to tax codes you already had activated and we’re using. The localization process is a new source for localization features. It does not eliminate those you previously had activated.

You will not be able to go backwards to an older version of the program with the database that has been opened by the newer version. You would have to install a backup made with the older version.

But try downloading and installing the localizations for your country and see if that act alone does not solve our problem.

Tut, hi. This is my first post on the Forum. I updated my Windows version of Manager today (20/6/19) and all the UK VAT entries that were on all the entries I have made have disappeared. I read your answer to someone else’s question however I cannot see on the desktop version where to set a UK localisation to bring the UK VAT rates all back. Can you help me?

Look on the web site, not in the program.

It seems that i am not the only one that ran into this problem. In my case i did uninstalled manager, renamed the folder where manager stored the database. Installed my previous version of manager and imported the backup that i did made before.


I think I worked it out. You download the localisation “widget” for the UK from the website. This small file then sits in your PC downloads file from where - when you are in the Manager application on your PC - you can import that file using the import function in settings. I did that and - hey presto - all the tax entries were restored along with the VAT rates.

@rloeffen can you try the latest version (19.6.40) ? It should automatically fix it for you.

Thanks @lubos. Installing / updating of this version went well.