Table box problem in PDF

hi lubos,

I am facing a strange problem. How to fit table with all column in a pdf file.

what version are you using?
are you using the plain template or any custom template?
if it is a custom template the coding must have some error.

Yes it a customize version of plain theme with additional line item row for serial No. Provided by lubos. I just added an extra column of HSN code as per indian new gst system otherwise it works well. I am using Manager 17.7.40.

if you are not familiar with programming, you should use the plain theme or hire someone locally to make the changes needed.
it is not an error of Manager, but a result of incorrect programming.

looking at your invoice you just nee the line numbers and hsn code column.
so delete your custom theme and follow this guide to create a new theme with line numbers.

for hsn code you do not have to create a separate column. you can create a custom field for inventory items. then edit your inventory item and update the hsn code. the hsn code will automatically show on your invoice when that inventory item is selected.

Tried that also but facing the same problem. I just added column from custom fields in setting tab. Can you please provide theme code which has both serial no. and hsn code

I am facing the same problem again with this theme also

There is no such theme. The serial (line) number is not a requirement, only something some users like.

These are not different themes. They are only different forms, presented with the same theme.

make sure you selected the correct theme when viewing the invoice by selecting the Switch Theme button at top right.

you Did something wrong in your custom code theme…