Tab Proliferation

In the last few releases more and more tabs are being added. Multiple tabs for the same ‘module’ in many cases. E.g. For banks already had Bank Accounts, Receipts and payments and now Bank Reconciliations. For fixed assets we now have a separate depreciation tab and we now have an attachments tab.

Could you share the design philosophy here? The previous positioning of bank reconciliations with bank accounts and depreciation with fixed assets gave the tabs much more of a ‘module’ feel. Attachment management seems much more like a maintenance task (akin to other functions under settings).

All the new functionality is wonderful, but I’m curious about the tab proliferation. It seems to be occurring for minor reasons. Couldn’t the ‘New Depreciation entry’ button have been a button right next to New Fixed Asset button under the fixed asset tab? Couldn’t the ability to attach to a bank reconciliation have been achieved from the Bank reconciliation summary. It was awesome accessing the last reconciliation directly against each bank account. Now feels a bit more disconnected. Couldn’t maintenance tasks such as attachment management be under settings, certainly this is not ‘transactional’ and not something done every day.

Again, always truly appreciate the new functionality but wondering if you would consider sharing the design philosophy/intent around tabs vs. buttons within tabs vs. functions under settings.

I recognize none of the above change the functionality in the least and is purely design feedback for discussion. I am curious to hear others opinions on this. Thanks for discussing…

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Yeah, I have made a similar post regarding the organization of tabs.

I thinks the tabs should be organized in order to reduce the visual clutter which is kind of distracting at times.

I really hope @lubos considers our problem here and decides to make our lives a bit easier. Not being picky about tree view, I would be happy with any clutter reducing improvement.

Curious to hear others thoughts on this.

Not a tree view please. It’s a very old school paradigm to deal with the menu items.

Agree. My thoughts were more like just to get bank reconciliation back under bank accounts, depreciation entries on a button next to new assets under fixed assets and attachment maintenance moved under settings, i.e. trying to keep the tabs a little more ‘module’ like.