Switching from free to paid

If I need to switch from the free version to the paid version am I able to transfer my info? Thanks

Yes, by using the backup function, see Guides Guides | Manager

Thank you. Now I have to decide why I’d pay 200 for manager when I can get quickbooks for the same price. Any experience comparing these two?

Use the cloud addition that’s only $19 p/month. Works great. I’m running it almost a year.

If you want unbiased answer, you will need to ask elsewhere. Or better, evaluate both products and decide which one suits you better.

Unbiased answer - I used the desktop version for nearly a year then I tried the cloud version for a month. Although both were good I needed to be able to use my iPad and the cloud version provided that facility along with other ancillary items like automatic backup. Hope that helps you make a decision.