Suspense in CASH BASIS problem

i changed front page summary from accrual to cash basis and strangely the suspense account now has more transactions that i dont understand why are there
1 ![11|690x186]

here are the screenshots for the suspense account in accrual basis
and below are screnshots of susspense in cash basis

2 ![3|690x282]

any explanation ?

You need to identify why each transaction is in Suspense. Start with the two that appear under accrual basis. Those should be easy.

The fact that so many appear under cash basis suggests a systematic error, by which I mean something you are doing systematically, not some repeated error in Manager. So you should be able to identify the problem by looking at only a few of those purchase invoices.

You have another problem or problems, though. Starting balance equity should always be zero. This is an automatic account Manager activates to force your assets to equal the sum of liabilities plus equity. Anything here represents a problem, most frequently with equity accounts and often with the starting balances.

The two problems could be related. So I would resolve Starting balance equity first. Very likely, you did not set up your capital accounts correctly.

thanks for reply tut but i am a little unclear how should Starting balance equity be zero?
when you insert the data you input starting balances for bank and cash accounts
these add to Starting balance equity
then we have to input purchase and sales invoices in my case all were before 31/12/2018 in total the amount from suplier/seller
all these add to Starting balance equity

Starting balances for bank accounts, as an example, might normally be matched by a starting balance in a capital account or a loan liability account.

Starting balances from invoices should have been offset against other accounts in the previous accounting system, and therefore would be reflected in starting balances carried forward for those accounts.