Support details

I posted a topic earlier and was told to email error report…where on earth do i find this email address? my post was closed before i could respond and i am unsure of what other way to contact anyone.
I was told to update to latest version to fix problem…but i have latest version.
Anyway can you please direct me to who can help me?

my guess it would have been @lubos or @Tut that told you that. If that’s the case, just get them in a personal message.

Click your icon in the top right of the screen, and a little envelope will appear for the PM system. Contact one of them thru there

It was not me. So please, @byalannah, no personal messages about this. I’m a user, not the developer.

All good. Won’t be sending any personal messages

I have also worked out that I think it was crashing after I used the tab up the top to go to forum. Then when I came back to manager it would crash. Anyway I will see what happens and see if I can work it out