Supplier Statement - Minor bug

Using V17.4.61
The Supplier Statement opening balance is out of alignment.

This is not out of alignment. Entries in the Date column are centered. Since “Opening balance” is longer than the date, it extends further in both directions. You would see this effect if you used a date format that did not fix two digits for months and days.

I think the screenshot is highlighting that the debit column figure (31,575.00) is appearing under Description and that the balance figure (31,575.00 Dr) is appearing under Credit

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I can create this situation - Reports - Supplier Statements - (statement type) Transactions

The opening balance figures are one column out to the left - the first post’s example is with an overpaid account, the above example is with an outstanding invoice dated prior to the “From” date

Will elevate this as a bug

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Indeed, you are correct. I fixated on @anoopchintu’s statement that “opening balance is out of alignment.” I was looking at the words, not the content of the columns.:confused:


Can you please look into this and do the needful. Due to year ending works, we need to get confirmation from the suppliers and this statement will be very helpful…

Fixed in the latest version (17.4.83)


Thank you so much…

Possible to remove the word “Refund” or change it to “Credit”? Thanks.

Where? Provide a screen shot.

Post a screen shot showing that transaction. Obscure proprietary information if you like, but not any descriptions or account information.

Also, where did you capture your screen shot? Was it from a custom theme? I ask because the Date column should not include the “Opening balance” text. And the opening debit balance should not show under the Credit column. In fact, it looks like your entire first line may be shifted left by a column.

While we are at it, what version of the program are you using? Some of this looks like some issues that were resolved 8 months ago.