Supllier statement including balance at start and end year

So, I need to generate a report of suppliers with balance at start and end of year (date) and the movement / transactions between the dates. As far as I can see there is no default report that does this.

What is the easiest workaround?

if you are asking about each supplier, then you have the Supplier Statements (Transactions) report which shows the starting balance, the transactions within the period nd the closing balance.

if you are asking about suppliers as a whole, you can check the Starting Balances report. clicking the value against Accounts Payable will show you all the suppliers and their starting balances respectively. you can export it. make sure you set the Start Date under Settings accordingly.
so setting the date as 1st Jan 2017 will give you the starting balance and setting it as 1st Jan 2018 will give you the closing balance.

Yes I know those reports. I want something like that but with every supplier on one sheet. So, presumably the workaround would be to export all of those and merge in excel. I was hoping for something easier.

Hmmm, this sounds workable. Let me see. Thanks @sharpdrivetek

What I wanted was a General Ledger Summary-type report but per supplier (or customer). This is not possible right?

Update: or at least similar to “sales invoice totals by customer”, invoice totals by supplier.

not at present.
for now excel would be the choice.