Summary page drilling shows a split invoice for one person

Initially, this sales invoice belongs to one person but when I drill down the summary page in blocks at cost, it shows the invoice that belongs to one person as two invoices with different dates but when u add the totals, it gives the original total. So what causes the invoice to split and show different dates

The invoice was initially dated for 25th but it splits and shows another invoice of 28th which never existed… please help :cold_sweat:

You did not have enough inventory in stock to fulfill the order. When you acquired more through purchase or production, Manager completed the transaction. For a more detailed explanation, you would need to provide much more detailed information. Go to the Inventory Items tab and trace the quantity history of the item(s) in question through all transactions. You also might benefit from reading this Guide: Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager.

Basically I had all the required inventory in stock and production that day was completed. And when I made the invoice, everything was fine. On drilling down the summary page, it showed two invoices as shown in the screenshot…what else would have caused such a thing… oh and I had read that exact part of the guide a few hours ago :relaxed:

You are the only one with your accounting records. So you are the only one who can trace the history of a specific inventory item. As you do so, remember that Manager does not distinguish between transactions entered on the same day. Everything is calculated as of the end of day.

Thanks very much. Here’s something for you​:point_right: :green_apple::yum: