Suggestion: Jobs or Sub-Customers

Suggestion/Request: Allow the definition of optional Jobs (sub-Customers), so that anything that can be assigned to a Customer (e.g., Billable Time, Billable Expenses) can be assigned to a Job (sub-Customer) and broken out accordingly on Sales Invoices and all Reports.

This would replace and greatly expand the functionality of the Category field for Billable time, by providing a structured field that can be used to classify different projects for each customer.

Several of my multi-project clients, for example, require that I invoice them for each project separately. My workaround is to use a distinct Category field for each project/job when I post the hours as Billable time, then create a separate Sales invoice for each project by selective clicking the appropriate items. It would be great if this could happen automagically, especially if reports that currently break things out by customer could also do that by job/sub-customer.

Right now Tracking codes are used by many users as a substitute for job costing but I do agree.

I didn’t put it on roadmap yet but job module will be added sometime this year.