Suggestion in attaching images to transactions

Hi! Just a quick suggestion only.

I always need to attach SOA’s/billings and any other documents to transactions, I find saving pics to computer to upload them (only to delete them again) and uploading them one by one a bit tedious.
If we can just do the following this will be better:

  1. allow batch select and upload of image/files attachment
  2. allow us to paste images in addition to attaching them as files.


Where do you propose this batch selection occur? Manager can only offer batch selection of records in your database.

How do you propose images be pasted into a database? You are not creating or editing a graphic document.

You also did not present a use case. Why are you saving pictures (and of what), uploading them (to where), and then deleting them?


Sorry I didn’t explain that well.

I suggest batch selection of image/files to attach in a transaction. Example is shown below:

I don’t know exactly how pasting images work in database. But I find it more convenient when I can just copy image from my messaging apps, and attach it to transaction in manager io. Just like you can paste image directly in this ticket box or in email etc.

Use case:
I usually attach images to my transactions to explain how I arrive at the amount for my transanctions. Most of my files are in the gdrive. What happens now is: I download file from drive → save file in my computer —> attach it to Manager IO
It would save time if we can just:
get screenshot of computation —> paste it to Manager IO transaction.

Often, we also take pictures of documents (billings/SOA etc) using phone → sync it to messaging apps → save it to computer → then attach to Manager IO.
Whereas, we can just copy the image in messaging apps and paste it to Manager IO transaction.

Notice the intention to cut the saving process of files/images in pc. This is because the files (in drive) or soft copy of docs are in the first place not intended to be saved in PC anymore (and we would like to rely to Manager IO in saving bits of info like this). So as additional process, we also need to delete the files/image we attached to Manager IO afterwards.

I would not do that. Also Manager saves all these files to a disk, if you use Cloud edition it would be to a disk on Manager Cloud server if using Desktop then on your PC and if using Server then on your server. However, Manager bundles them. I think that you should keep separate backups of the image files even for future reference.

You mean to select multiple image files at once for attachment and I think that would indeed save time and is a good idea.

As @Tut explains it is not possible to paste images into the database. Manager does not store the image itself into the database but saves them and links them to the database record.