Suggestion for the attachments

It would be very useful for people who use an external document repository to have the possibility not only to attach a file but also to save a link (URL) or to have also a custom field that can be a clickable link.


I’m not sure I understand your suggestion. When you attach a document in Manager, you have a clickable link to open it. And attaching it does not remove it from wherever it was, such as your external document repository. But Manager stores the attached document itself in your data file, so you don’t even need access to the external repository to recover it in Manager.

Hi, since I’m using an external documental web repository it would be useful to be able to save the clickable URL of the document somewhere in Manager

Manager is set up for inclusion of documents relevant to specific transaction forms, not access to random repositories. It’s an accounting program, not a file management system. Where would you have this clickable link be?

I’ll try to explain deeply.

In my company all documents are archived in another online software. That depository includes also the invoices. Each document has its own fixed url.

Since we don’t want to upload the document also in Manager but we want to have a reference of them, it would be useful to have the possibility to save a clickable URL inside of Manager instead of the PDF.

If you want to do something like that, why not just save the PDF files into the designated file system, and open that with say your web-browser, or file manager, or file browser, or some other desired application.

@Davide, the suggestion made by @xero50 raises further uncertainty for me. Are you wanting to:

(a) store URLs in Manager for documents in your web repository that were not created by Manager (such as a contract, lease, or loan agreement), or

(b) store URLs in Manager for copies of documents generated by Manager but stored in the web repository?

If (a), once the document is in the web repository, you can attach it directly in Manager by growing to it. You will not be storing a URL, but an actual copy of the document.

If (b), you can easily choose the web repository as a destination for a PDF as @xero50 mentioned.

Option (a) probably will not give you all the flexibility of a web repository. But as I said before, Manager is not a document management application. Option (b) is unnecessary, because transaction forms can always be viewed inside Manager. What use case do you have that is not handled by existing capability?

They are document of kind (a): they are contracts, incoming invoices and so on. I wanted to store and URL instead the file because (1) we don’t want to have duplicates, (2) some documents start workflows within the BPM software and (3) in the document repository we have further attributes and information about the document.

I ask it under a different point of view… let’s say we use a custom field to save these URLs… Is it possible make it clickable directly from Manager?

That capability does not exist. The best you can do is enter the URL in Notes or a custom field. From there it can be copied and pasted into a browser.

I found out a workaround. Inside a custom field, shown only in listing I put:

[a href=“URL” target=“_blank”>Link Description</a] (substitute the square brakets)

In listing it shows a clickable link.

I think that would be very easy and faste for you to implement a custom field type “URL” since it is already working in Manager just writing this small code inside of it.


I hadn’t thought about doing that. A good solution, which makes me feel stupid.

Let me make two points:

  1. Desires like yours are exactly why the ability to put HTML in fields (announced by [16.4.16] Added ability to use HTML markup in fields) was added a year ago. Not all HTML tags and attributes are supported, but many are. Because your desire is already handled this way, I am fairly certain you will not see an additional custom field type. The philosophy has been to allow users to do unusual things with custom fields rather than clutter the software with more, specific features.

  2. Nothing is easy for me to implement. I’m not a developer. I am one of the forum moderators and have nothing to do with development of the software.

Sorry, I thought that you were one of the developer. I’m new to the software but I think it’s miles ahead of what I’ve seen around. I’mjust facing step by step my personal needs. Thanks for the fast replays and for the help.