Creating Reference Links to Sales Quotes

When preparing a sales quote I often have a trail of items that I use to get to the final quote figure. These could be E-Mails, JPG images, PDFs, Word Documents, letters, Spread Sheets etc. Would it be possible to be able to add a list of linked references to the sales quote (Obviously not to be printed).These references could be files on disk, or possibly a URL.



This will be resolved when Attachment plugin or Custom Fields plugin is released.

Very many thanks - I look forward to it.

Same here…looking forward to it

Prabably reated to this:
In bank statements and journal entries you can give a reference at the top.
I am using this field to create a reference to paper receips and such.
A little problem is that I can not really find anything based on this reference, and what’s more, it is not even displayed in the relevant lists.

I guess this touches on twoo bigger issue:

  • search
  • table column configuration

Just a little plead that this might happen. I know there’s a lot going on with feature requests but I would have thought that this one would be so useful. Thanks.

Internally, Manager already supports attachments. I didn’t get to implement user interface for it yet. I might have something to show next month.

Now this request is just a year old I politely offer a nudge. I know there are a million things for you to implement for everyone, some more important than this, but it would be really useful.



This would be a great feature!

thnks so much

Just another yearly request…

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