Suggestion copy PQ to SQ and include PQ under Form Defaults

I’d like to make a suggestion to add a menu function to copy directly from Purchase Quote to Sales Quote, but possibly drop the pricing data.

Purpose: After preparing a PQ to send as RFQ to your vendors and receive their responses, the next steps will involve:

  • adding your sales markup; and
  • quoting your customers.

Having a menu option to copy the PQ details (item description & qty) across to SQ (removing vendor name data and possibly prices) will speed up the process especially for enquiries with many line items and complex description details

Benefit: save time typing same details and qty and remove typo errors

Note: some may prefer to leave the vendors pricing in the SQ for manual calculation of MU, others may want to remove it to avoid risk of accidental sending vendor cost to clients and rather perform calculations externally.

A supplementary suggestion would be to add a field for MU% calculation linking through from PQ to SQ, this would be optimum for tweaking margins without leaving manager and doing parallel spread sheets.
Such function should be viewed with future capability to drill down on orders to look at GM on individual orders, by linking SI & PI in much the same manor.


Second request for Purchase Quote, that it be included under form defaults, including custom theme as default

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@lubos is this easy to do? clone RFQ items & qty from PQ to SQ, and SQ to PQ?

I have had to manually copy line by line a lot of PQ with 10-50 line items from PQ to SQ (opening and closing, back n forth, high risk of error)

If you are using the Desktop version, you could have both the PQ and SQ forms open at the same time. If your Business has the PQ tab open, then right click on the SQ tab and select “Open in new window”. Now you can click between windows without opening and closing.

This is for Windows OS, unsure about Mac.

On a Mac, the same thing is possible. Either right-click and select Open Link in New Window or open a browser window and drag the link into it. Either way, the original screen will remain in a Manager window and the new screen will appear in a window of your default browser program (1st option) or the browser program you open (2nd option).

Thanks for this suggestion, however yesterday I did 5 PQ to SQ one had 32 lines.

During some multitasking (caring for grandson) I made several copy past errors, sometimes repeating other times skipping.

Once I realized the mistakes, it was hard to resolve because there are no visible line item # in edit mode, making it time consuming to detect and correct the human errors.

One click menu item here to create a SQ from PQ would be ideal.

Ideally when this function is created, the cloning from PQ to SQ can have a MU option.

Logical work flow :
Receive an RFQ from customer (usually by email)
Enter the RFQ details into PQ and send to Vendors (changing vendor name for each Vendor invited to quote)
Enter the winning Vendor offer prices
*Clone from PQ to SQ (preferably with MU option) or manual edit sales prices
Send SQ to customer.
If the customer gives a PO, the SQ can generate SO & SI, and the PQ can generate PO and PI
This way there is reduced risk of typo or omissions when sending PQ & SQ with multiple line items and detailed notes (T&C, shipping, compliance standards, etc.)

What is an MU option, @Elfroar?

By MU, I mean Mark-Up,

So assume I raise a PQ (without price obviously) to send to multiple vendors to request for quote (RFQ from me to vendor).

They all reply with their best price, and I select which vendor I will use (based on quality, delivery & price)

I then populate the PQ with the selected vendors prices, e.g. …

Then if there was a ‘clone’ option from PQ to SQ to duplicate all data verbatim into a SQ, but with a Mark-Up (MU) function to ad margin, i.e. add 15% … (simple would be across the board MU, but MU by item would be ideal)

If the SQ is successful and I receive a PO from the customer, I can quickly generate SO/SI from the SQ and also PO/PI from the PQ, with high degree of confidence the data is verbatim, eliminating error through manual copy paste method

Good idea. A markup % would be useful for inventory and non-inventory items too.

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I’m using 100% non-inventory, nature of my business, but assume it would help others on inventory too

@Elfroar, the more you illustrate your proposition regarding PQ to SQ, the stronger the case becomes, however, adding a Mark-up would be a bonus but lets get stage one done first.

Meanwhile, items under the Ideas category, haven’t to date, had a track record of being implemented.

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Happy to go forward in baby steps, the PQ ‘copy to’ SQ is the most powerful part, it saves time and reduced errors, the number one reason we use a database and not a spread sheet in the first place.

Almost moved this topic Copy sales quote to purchase quote - Manager Forum to ideas category. I guess it the same thing which is being discussed here, SQ copy to PQ, PQ copy to SQ

The latest version (21.5.36) allows to Copy to between all sales and purchase transactions.


  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Invoices
  • Delivery Notes
  • Credit Notes
  • Purchase Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Goods Receipts
  • Debit Notes

They all have identical Copy to dropdown.




Absolutely pristine, the crew will be so pleased, thank you! They are not going to know what hit them.