Suggestion - Auto remove Sales Orders when copied to Sales Invoices

It seens that whenever a Sales Order is copied from the “Order queue” to the “Invoice queue” (as a new Invoice) the order stays in the “Order queue”. To clean up the “Order queue” one must manally delete the Order. Suggest that when the Order is copied as a new Invoice, the Order is automatically removed from the queue. (Same applies when copying a quote to order). Any thoughts on this? - Eric

Manager never deletes records. The list of sales orders is not a queue, it is a record of sales orders previously entered. Deleting them is very poor accounting practice. How would you know you had ever entered them?

To track status, you can create a custom field of the list type with various status options. Set it up to show as a column. Then, looking in the Sales Orders tab, you can see which have invoiced and which remain unfilled. This has been discussed on the forum many times.

Thanks Tut for your prompt reply. Removing from a ‘queue’ is not a delete per se. It is merely not including them in the list.
Actually Manger does allow to delete it manually (there is a delete button when ‘editing’ the order), which removes the item from the list (the record may well be retained in the db). Rather then creating a custom field, Manager could include that by definition (programmnatically) and modify the status when moving the item from Order to New Invoice. Trust this clarifies my point.

Then where would they be? The list is the list of what is in the database.

Deletion is intended only for mistakes, not for removing valid entries. This would be like removing sales invoices once they are paid by customers. The only reason you have gotten away with deleting sales orders is that they don’t post anything to accounts. If you deleted old sales invoices, you would change your balance sheet and/or profit and loss statement.

And once you delete anything, anywhere in the program, it is gone. It is not archived anywhere in the database.