Suggestion: Ability to Rename Net Profit

Hi all. Although it has been a while since I was involved with a non-profit organization (one as V.P and Board of Directors and another as Treasurer and BoD), we were all sensitive to any reference of “Profit”. As I recall, our statements used “Excess of Revenue Over Expenses” or a similar designation. Would allowing the “Net Profit” text to be edited in the system be a large effort? I can’t imagine there not being any other users out there that might have similar views.

Read the Guide: Build a chart of accounts | Manager. If you add your own suitably named total at the end of your Profit and Loss Statement, you can name that figure whatever you want. Only if you omit the final self-defined total will the program put in the default Net Profit (Loss) total.

Thanks @Tut. I read that guide before posting, but the solution did not register. Time for coffee cup number two, I guess.

Are you trying to achieve something like this?
If yes, I do have a temporarily work around for you for time being.

@wazhanudin Thank you, Yes, exactly. Thanks to Tut’s response and my rereading the guide, I was able to set it up just that way.