VAT calculation Belgium and the Netherlands

I’m testing the free version to see or it is usable for my company to by later full version.

I have found issue with calculation VAT.
I give example:
vat is 26,569 €
on invoice it is 26,56 € should be 26,57€

when VAT is 26,354€ it should be 26,35€

This is the only way we can make good invoices in Belgium and the Netherlands.
I have tried to put values with VAT but same result.

Is it possible to do it on correct way?

Are you selecting a rounding method on the sales invoice input screen?

Also, the desktop version of Manager is always free forever and is the full version, unlike most competing programs that only give you a trial period or limited capability. The only versions you pay for are the server version and the cloud version. But the difference is in access, not capability or features.

I have tried without rounding, and with rounding.
With rounding, it rounds to: 27 or 26, but not 2 decimals after ,.

Could you show some screenshot how you are recording these amounts and what you see? I’m not really sure how you have determined VAT is 26,569 € (not saying it’s incorrect)