STP generation fails on 20.10.90

I’ve just updated to 20.10.90, and the STP generation fails.

When I try “Export to CSV”, the STP Worksheet.csv is incorrectly formatted.

It’s all on one line, and obviously the import on doesn’t work.

I also get this error on the report:

The error is a longstanding typo in the localisation, variables in liquid are case sensitive “name” needs to be replaced by “Name”. My more extensive thread describing required improvements and current limitations got deleted.
See the link in the top of this post JOBKEEPER-TOPUP and STP - #15 by Patch

Quick test with v20.10.89 shows a new line is no longer being inserted before each employees data. It now inserts the text “\n” instead of char(10) (previously hidden in a string constant). Something like this may help Unfortunately

  • the solution doesn’t work in the Layout section as layout information is also captured.
  • Defining newLine in the Script section does assign newLine = char(10) but doesn’t do anything when building the cvs variable in the layout section


{% capture newLine %}
{% endcapture %}


{% capture csv %}{{ csv }}{{ newLine }}{{ abn }},  ...

It is also putting the captured text and date variable values in quotes and then putting a escape sequence before the quotes for example pay roll employee number 100 was recorded as


is now appearing in the cvs file as


I haven’t tried testing to see which version first introduced this error.

Is there a ETA for a fix on this? I need to submit my STP report soon.

I can reproduce it with

  • Windows 7
  • WebView2 runtime
  • Manager v20.10.89

What are you using?

Windows 10

This appears to be a bug.
Manager no longer supports creating a text/ csv file containing end of line or carriage return characters.

I like the {{ newLine }} trick. Never thought of it.

I’m not able to reproduce the issue but I fixed the report based on @Patch comments in the latest version (20.12.92)

Still getting the same problem with 20.12.92. The entire STP report is only 1 line CSV file and it is not importable.

That is also what I have found.

A work around is remove WebView2 and used the fall back to Explorer. Doing so fixes it for me

  • Double quote character is no longer escaped by backslash ie null string in cvs file is shown as
    ,"", - with Internet Explorer
    ,\"\", - with WebView2

  • similarly the end of record line feed character
    In Internet Explorer is not escaped, so starts a new line in when read in a spreadsheet program
    With WebView2 becomes \n so does not start a new record / line in spreadsheet programs

Thanks @Patch. I’m able to reproduce it now. Fixed in the latest version (20.10.93)

Thanks, it works for me now with WebView2 installed.