Stock Take

I am really enjoying testing out this program so far and it seems to cover everything that I need.
However I am at a loss when it comes to stock take.

How do I do stock take with this program?

That is a feature that is goign to be implemented soon. Its number one on the roadmap.

Can you expand upon what you mean by “how do I do stocktake” ?
Stocktakes are generally a physical activity which compares actual stock to book stock.

Hi there

When will this be implemented. This would be an absolute good feature and really a needed one.


there is already an Inventory Write-Off feature available in Manager to adjust the stock according to the physical quantity.
read this guide Manager Cloud

there is also modifications to the same in the ideas category.

So for now this still not in effect? This is a long outstanding topic. Should not be to difficult to do. It becomes complicated if one has to do the additions found in stock in one method and deductions in write off. That is if you have alot of items.

Hi is there any update on when Stocktake options will be added. Example taking stock of items in Inventory and then it posts the correct qty into inventory and do the necessary journal?

@Ryan_Archer, I think you are misunderstanding the posts in this thread. There has never been any indication from the developer that what you describe will be implemented. Inventory adjustments are always going to require the entry of transactions, currently either write-offs or journal entries. Possibly, in the future, write-offs will be expanded to include upward adjustments as well. Your suggestion would just be an additional method to accomplish what is already simple. Action by the user would still be required. After all, Manager has no way to know what is “the necessary journal.” So you would never be able to just enter quantities from a physical count and be done.

Dear Tut

Thank you for the reply. I have no issue with doing a manual update as well, but the write off feature does not allow for upward adjustments. Although mentioned it could be done in the future it has been mentioned since 2016 that it might. Would prefer this all to be done on one place and not some in Write-Offs and some in journals.

For now I am exporting the Inventory List of items that contains the Stock on Hand into Excel and then using this as a stocksheet to take stock. After that I calculate the difference and write journals.