Stock take sheet

Can a stock take sheet be generated?

What would you want to have on the Stock Take Sheet ?

You could obviously export the Inventory List to Excel and delete the data you don’t want/need

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Alslright. That is something I can do. But is there any way I could do a customized Sheet straight out of REPORTS? WHAT I WOULD NEED ON THE SHEET would be the headings starting on the left; stock code/ stock Name / quantity on hand/ stock count… something like that

You can’t get that, because inventory quantities are the results of all previous purchase, sale, write-off, transfer, credit note, and debit note actions.

You should not think of exporting as a second-class solution to data needs. Until very recently, it was the only solution. The Copy to Clipboard revision to the export procedure makes it even simpler than it was before.

You might also get something useful from the Inventory Quantity by Location report. For that report to be available, you must create at least one location besides the default, unspecified, location. But you don’t have to actually use it.

Thanks so much. I will surely do that