Stock on hand report

How to print stock on hand by location with item reference not just item description /

There is no standard report which will do that, but you could export your Inventory Items tab to a spreadsheet programme and create it there.

To be clear, @AlAseel, the Inventory Quantity by Location report lists inventory items by Item name, not Description. In many places in the program, Manager will substitute Item name for Description if the Description field is blank, which might lead you to think of the Item name as a description. And there is no field called Item reference, though you may be referring to Item code.

My point in telling you these things is so I can explain the underlying philosophy for inventory definition. Item code is meant for things like Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers, model numbers, or other specific and unambiguous designations. Item name is meant for short, informative titles that appear on reports where there may not be much room for longer descriptions. Description is meant for complete details about the item, including everything a customer or supplier needs to see.

If you want your reports to be by item code, put that information into the Item name field.