Stimulations on Payrolling

Hello Lubos and Manager support team,

In some countries; there are stimulations by government on payrolling. The amounts has to be shown on receivables.Payers are getting back the related amounts during their next taxation. I realize Manager doesn’t support the record for receivables on the payslips. I mean the mentioned account should be on employee earnings but recorded into receivables.

Is there any other chance to make this happen?

Thanks for your attention.

you can use journal entries after making the payslip. Although not in Accounts receivable, it would be better you create an account under assets in your chart of accounts for this.

Yes I did it like that but my main concern is on the report part. Journal entry amounts wouldn’t be on the report. Is there any way to handle this?

instead of reports you can export the transactions of the account you created for the same.