Status of quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Idea

@lubos I like the names for the statuses. I think that they work well. It is looking good.

I have two problems that I can see.

Colour Coding:

In Invoices, you have current (active for quotes) as orange. You have red for overdue (expired for quotes) and you have green for paid (accepted for quotes). I would strongly recommend using the same colour coding for quotes, invoices and tabs. So have active as orange, accepted as green, expired as red and cancelled as grey.

Expired and Cancelled

This is probably more how my business currently works, but I have two different types of cancellations. One, where I have lost the business to a competitor, but secondly the client just has not got around to approving the quotes yet. However, I am moving my clients to a process of doing a budget every year, so quotes will be created and approved at these budget meetings. So this may or may not be relevant for me in future.

I think that you would need to ask other people whether there is value in splitting expired quotes where the client just has not got around to approving the quote and actually having lost the business to a competitor. My experience with my own clients is that clients don’t always order things when quoted.

Then quote is not cancelled because it is still pending decision by client.

My experience is that sometimes six months can lapse between request for quote and moving forward with actually purchasing something. So you don’t want a lot of expired items sitting for six months and you can’t use that quote six months later as very often the prices and/or models have changed and I basically have to re-quote.

But this may not be an issue for other industries. In good practice, quotes should only really be valid for 30 days.

As you state, best practice on quotes include a validity period often even less than 30 days. So what is important is to easily restrict the period.

Actually thinking about it. Two weeks should be adequate. 30 days is unnecessarily long. I think that I just need to chase up clients better. This is probably where the problem came in.

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Remember the expiry date is up to you. It may depend on industry, customer, market volatility, requirements of solicitations, etc.

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That makes sense.

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@lubos great improvements going on here in Thank you and appreciate your effort.

Everything goes well as you explained.
Here on the full list view of: for example Sales Quotes, all the “Accepted” Quotes went below (sorting order) and “Active/Expired” are floating above(which is good as default).

But if I want to sort it as of date order, still those “Accepted” keep being below, even though it created today. I think it is better, when we need to sort it in any way, by clicking the [Issue date] or [#], the Active/Accepted sort order should collapse. then only our preferred sorting order will be correct/in order.

for example I wanted to see the last sales quote for some reason. so if i click the [Issue date] it will come on top or bottom. but now if it is accepted. it won’t come to top.

Please advice me, if I’m wrong.

Thank you.

These Options Need to Be Implement In sale orders & purchase Orders too , Such as Invoiced while converted to invoice or pending. Thank you

It is coming. It will take a few days for this all to be implemented. Be patient.

@lubos what if a sales order combined two or more sales quote? What if a sales invoice combine two or more sales orders? The same applies to purchases

Sales order can be linked to single sales quote which means other sales quote should be cancelled. It doesn’t really matter as both sales quotes will be closed (whether accepted or cancelled - doesn’t matter).

Don’t do that. Issue separate sales invoice for each sales order so you can track profitability per order.

Ask supplier to issue separate purchase invoice for each purchase order so you can track purchase order fulfillment. If they refuse, then either combine your purchase orders into one or split their purchase invoice into two. So even if you have received one purchase invoice, you enter it into Manager as two separate purchase invoices linked to their purchase orders.

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I am really impressed with the implementation, quote status updates automatically and correctly whether it’s copied to an order or directly to an invoice. Later deletions are also handled properly.

Idk what’s left to be done, I know there might be some rough edges here and there but it’s never to early to say thanks @lubos for the outstanding job done right there.

Ready nice… Did some checks and was please to see the status work as expected even going directly from Quote to Invoice as well.
Interestingly also checked if the Invoice made from Quote was deleted the Quote Status reverts back from “Accepted” to “Active” so really good!

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Yes, nobody is happier than me with this feature. I started using Manager in April 2015 and this was actually my first feature request. I asked it at the time I was trialing Manager out. For me, the lack of statuses (and now progress) on quotes and orders has always been a bugbear as I consider it essential to manage a sales and ordering process funnel. So it has been a long awaited for request.

Unfortunately I am doing my year end, so I am not able to update the live version of Manager until the accountant is completely finished with everything. So I have not yet been able to take advantage of these exciting new features being implemented. Champing at the bit to get going!

Very much appreciate all the thought and work going into implementing this as I was focusing on statuses, but the progress feature being implemented to deliveries etc will make it a really powerful feature.

This comment may be too early as this workflow is still under development.

Withholding Taxes

I think the Invoiced amount column in the Sales Order tab should ignore withholding taxes and report sales totals. In other words, the “Invoiced” column should report ‘Invoice totals’ and not the ‘Balance due’ after the deduction of withholding taxes. Not reporting the ‘Invoice Total’ wrongly reports invoicing as incomplete in the sales tab.

A discussion was started on this issue by @shobhit with an illustration, Sales Order: invoiced amount ignores withholding tax

Tracking Delivery Settings

I suggest the Track Quantity to deliver button be added to Settings. The current situation works great for single users who use Manager to run their small businesses but it is not good for larger businesses with multiple users. To avoid problems and ensure consistency I believe a business should use one policy for Sales Order tracking. If a sales rep mistakenly ticks or unticks the Track Quantity to deliver box, the organisational delivery schedule may be affected.

The Policy options are:

1 Track Quantity to deliver for sales orders

2 Do not Track Quantity to deliver for sales orders

Option to Manually Change Status of Order

Still looking forward to having sales order Status (Closed, Open, Cancelled with colour coding) and the option to cancel orders or prematurely close orders.


I believe that the reason Lubos may have had the Track delivery on the sales order could be to do with inventory items that don’t need to be “delivered”. as they could be electronic. Having said that, Manager does allow that item to be ticked/ un-ticked track quantity to deliver.

But in principle I agree with you. This sales order should be a system wide setting not order specific setting, taking into consideration inventory items that have that box ticked. I have just noticed that non-inventory items do not have a similar box.

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That is because non-inventory item quantities are not tracked in any way by the program. They are just entry shortcuts.

The latest version (21.9.31) adds Status column to Sales Orders tab.


Status flows in this order:

Not delivered → Partially delivered → Uninvoiced → Partially invoiced ->Invoiced

Not delivered and Partially delivered only show for businesses dealing with inventory items. Without inventory items, status flows like this:

Uninvoiced → Partially invoiced → Invoiced


Thanks for adding the status to Sales Orders. Great !!! It would also be great if you could add the same functionality to Purchase Orders. Is this achievable in due course? I`m sure you would make a lot of people very happy.
Kind regards,