Status of quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Idea

@lubos Purchase quotes are time-bound in practice. It would be nice to also add an expiry date to Purchase quotes.

Indeed important. We actually skip both SQs and PQs as we often tender and based on tender selection directly enter the PO, similarly in some instances we generate a SO (for example sales of equipment, vehilces, etc)

The latest version (21.10.3) adds three new columns to Purchase Orders tab:

  • Qty to receive
  • Invoiced amount
  • Status

It works the same way as sales orders counterpart.

To enable Qty to receive column, Track qty to receive checkbox on purchase order must be checked.


This is relevant only when having inventory items on purchase order otherwise there is nothing to track to receive.

On purchase invoices, purchase order can be selected to track invoiced amounts on purchase orders. Usually this will be pre-selected automatically when copying purchase order to purchase invoice.


I’m still not sure how best to faciliate automatic closing of sales and purchase orders. I have some ideas to think through.


@ Lubos,
Again, Thank you very much for this feature.
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Thank you, very useful!

@lubos before you completely remove this topic from the ideas category, could you review various issues that I raised in this post:

There are/were a couple of bugs, as well as feedback on certain points. I particularly would like the status colour scheme reviewed so as to make it consistent with other areas such as invoices. Please see the topic for further information.

As mentioned in the other topic - Sales order status

I hope that you will come up with a resolution to resolve mbooth issue, whilst still being able to make the sales order show in the same order and format as invoices. I seem to recall seeing somewhere a suggestion by somebody about using projects to manage when sales and purchase order is complete, which would resolve mbooth issue and still ensure that sales orders display orders in the same way that invoices currently do.

I also raised a bug? regarding the Qty to deliver field needing to be ticked in sales order despite inventory item already having that field tick. Not sure if this is by design as in I need to set this in default forms or whether this should automatically show when an inventory item has this field ticked?

The tick :white_check_mark: on the inventory item setup form is for tracking inventory in the inventory tab. The tick :white_check_mark: on the order form is for the tracking of the quantity to deliver on the specific order only.

I’m considering to remove the tick from inventory item setup and have it on orders only. Then quantity to deliver and quantity to receive under Inventory Items tab would be simply calculated using what’s on sales & purchase orders.

This would make it a lot easier to understand this concept. And also make it easier to manage.

I agree that having it just in orders is probably the way to go as this is a more logical place to track inventory and removes confusion. Thank you.

also add Delivery Note Status
, Invoiced or Not

I do not agree with this @lubos. The tick :white_check_mark: on the inventory item setup allows users to enforce the business inventory tracking policy and presents a general inventory position of the organisation, you may want to build on it to enhance inventory management in areas such as inventory forecasting, order planning and order prioritization. The tick :white_check_mark: on the order form allows for tracking of specific inventory delivery performance obligations. The current situation is best.

If you will remove the option from the inventory item setup, you have to make tracking of quantity to receive or deliver a default setting for all inventory items. Delivery management is best linked to inventory settings.

You may change the one on the Order forms to :

:white_check_mark: “Track Quantity to Deliver for this Order

And Change the one in the Inventory tab to

:white_check_mark: " Allow the Tracking of Quantity to deliver for this Inventory Item"

I tend to agree with @Abeiku. There might be some inventory items worth tracking with delivery notes and goods receipts and others not worth the effort. Lead time, value, and shipping method might all influence the decision.

I have been thinking abut this a bit based on the new replies.

My viewpoint is that if you enable delivery notes tab, then tracking of delivery should apply everywhere! I am not actually seeing the need for any tick box in Sales Orders or inventory items. The very act of enabling the tab should result in showing the delivery status of all inventory items in inventory and delivery status for all sales and purchase orders!

I agree that the delivery status in sales orders and inventory items serves a similar but slightly different purpose.

But I am not convinced that there is any value in tracking just for this order and tracking just for this inventory item. This is actually what raised my request initially as I don’t want to have to manually select every single time, that yes I do want to track delivery for this sales order, especially as I have already set this inventory item to be tracked! So I disagree that the current situation is optimal as I want a default delivery tracking enabled for sales orders and the current wording is confusing.

But if users do indeed wish to be able to track just select sales orders and just select inventory items, then I would agree with @Abeiku regarding the wording on the relevant forms needs to be changed to make it more clear what is being tracked, and second and more important, adding to default forms the ability to always track deliveries for sales and purchase orders - for those of us, who want all orders delivery status to be tracked.

But if nobody comes forward and says, actually I do want to only track certain sales order delivery status and only some inventory items, then I would suggest simplifying things by making the program default to enabling delivery status when you enable the delivery notes tab and removing the tick box options in both sales orders and inventory items!


Shouldn’t this be “Dont track” since already default is set to track at item setup? Also, what is the outcome expected? Is that at Invoice posting inventory is considered to have arrived?
Thank you

This is why the current setup is confusing as I had the exact same question. My post has stated that either enabling the tab enables delivery status tracking everywhere or the wording on the two forms needs to change as suggested and form defaults needs to be updated to allow users to always track delivery for orders.

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I think best would be to allow at setup to decide whether to track or not and give an option to leave at ordering level with the outcome that inventory is received and get updated with invoice. If this not the case, Non-inventory is the solution because inventory tracking is a control activity to ensure the receipt of invoiced items, otherwise frauds can happen: somebody will bear the cost while somebody else benefit from the goods,

@lubos before this update I used on
Purchase Invoice the field “Order number”, which was not a pull down field,
also Goods Receipts the fields “Order number” & “Invoice number” which weren’t pull down menu.
How we transfer the data from these fields to the new pull down fields?
Manual? it would take hours, if the answer is manual

batch update?

cannot be done. actually the new pull down field for invoice number example is not just a number, but a key

@pandhm the latest version (21.10.4) will automatically match your older purchase invoices with purchase orders.