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In the past this item was viewed almost 3k times and now not even 1 comment… remarkable.


2,800 views, but only 20 comments. And three versions of what you suggest are already in the Ideas category. If you want to express support for them, you should post there.


Oops, must have missed them. Can you please point me to them so i can express my support. I think it would enhance the program at least for me it would.


Search the Ideas category for “sales order.”


Hi @tut, i searched for it but can’t find it, but that is not important. I think it is a good idea to have labels like this. So if you agree maybe you can put it in the idea section so @lubos can implement it in Manager.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I already told you it is there three times.


I searched for it but can’t find the improvement in the idea section as i suggested to implement labels on Sales Orders as used on Invoices. If i overlooked, sorry, but if this improvement is not in the idea section and you agree that it would improve Manager, please place it in the idea section.


@Frankie, select the Ideas category from the dropdown list at the top of the main forum page: Search “sales order” as I told you to do. The first three topics in the search results refer to this subject. And I already told you twice that your request is in the list three times. Constant repetition of your request will not give it more attention.


I still can’t find it. So if you would be kind enough to give me a direct link i would appreciate that very much.

If you are going to respond “as i told you so number of times” please don’t reply at all. I can read and i know what you already told me.

@lubos: your response is also highly appreciated


check below.


HI everybody
i am using desktop version 17.12.34 . but that status column is not appear in sales order.
Please kindly tell me about that.


this is only a discussion about it. no such idea has been implemented yet.


@sharpdrivetek thank you for pointing me in the right direction.


Hi guys, kindly let me know the process to add serial numbers in sales column. I am unable to add a column in it, I am using latest version only.


please do not divert topics with unrelated questions.
if you are asking about adding line numbers, there is already a guide for it. check the guides section.
if you want to add a column, check the guide on creating line item custom fields.


I’ve been testing Manager for a couple weeks now. This issue kinda put the brakes on us using Manager. Other software I’ve used would automatically delete a “quote” from its list when it was converted to a “sales order” and when a sales order was converted to a “sales invoice” the sales order was automatically deleted from its list. Avoiding a bunch of confusion.Then when the Invoice was paid it becomes locked as read only. Is this still in development /consideration or am i missing something?


Status reporting may occur, but Manager will never delete any record. That just is not the design philosophy.