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I am located in Belgium. Due to a HDD crash I started input of a book-year and closed it. I did a backup of this period. I started a new book-year period and see that all my bank-statements, invoices, journal-entries, custom reports etc. are still mentioned in the new book-year. I suppose this can be solved and cleared by using the ‘batch delete’-tab. Will the items be still accessible when I go back to the previous book-year ?

Looking forward to any advice.

See Close an accounting period
Manager is a continuous accounting program. It is not designed for you to restart a new data file each year.

This makes no sense. How did you start a “new book-year?” The fact that all your previous entries and definitions are still there means you did not start a new business, and there is nothing else you could have done. Please be precise and complete in your answer.

Thanks for your reply.

Have business named ‘X’ with accounting period from 01/01/Y to 31/12/Y set in ‘Summary’. Made all my end transactions and balances on 31/12/Y. Set lock date to 31/12/Y. Made a back-up.

Started new period for ‘X’ from 01/01/Y+1 to 31/12/Y+1 set in ‘Summary’. See that the ‘Assets’ and ‘Liabilies’ accounts/balance from 31/12/Y are still there. That’s ok. See that the ‘Profit and Loss’ account is set to ‘0’. That’s ok. So far so good for me.

When I go to the ‘Journal Entries’ I still see all the ‘Journal Entries’ for the period 01/01/Y to 31/12/Y. What do I do to get this list not showing up anymore? Can not delete them because they are locked and ‘batch delete’ does nothing. The same for ‘Receipts’, ‘Payments’, ‘Sales Invoices’ and ‘Purchase Invoices’,

When I go to ‘Reports’ and ‘ General Ledger Summary’ I see the values are ok for the new period. It’s ok.

When I go to ‘Custom Reports’ all my reports for the period 01/01/Y to 31/12/Y are still showing up. When I do a ‘Batch Delete’ in the new period 01/01/Y+1 to 31/12/Y+1 I see that the ‘Custom Reports’ are also deleted in the period 01/01/Y to 31/12/Y.

Is there a way to clear these items or did I something wrong in closing the period 01/01/Y and starting the new period 01/01/Y+1 to 31/12/Y+1?

Manager is a perpetual accounting system - it keeps all your transactions forever, so no, you cannot delete or hide transactions from previous years

You can delete all or any reports as a report only stores the parameters required to reissue it.

Have you read the guide about closing accounts at the year end? Close an accounting period | Manager

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