Starting day of week in calendar controls

It seems calendar control should be aware of localization settings, for example week in our country begins from Monday, not Sunday.

Thanks in advance for fixing this.

Fixed in the latest version (14.1.44)

Thanks for quick fix.

I’ve noticed also weekday names are not localized as you can see on screenshot Dropbox - Скриншот 2015-03-31 11.32.58.png - Simplify your life

Where do I set this? That is, either set Monday as the first day of the week, or set my location as New Zealand?

you are replying to a 3 year old topic. the program has changed significantly since.
there is no calendar settings in Manager now. only date format is available under Preferences.

Hi, thank you. So how do I set Monday to be the first day of the week?

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i already answered this.

I would also like to change first day of week to be Monday, is it anyhow possible to do this in future as feature request?

The only place days of the week appear is in the pop-up calendar when you enter or edit dates. Is this what you are referring to?

Yes, that’s the place I am referring to.
Is is possible to change it anyhow ?

Gets really annoying sometimes when it doesn’t match all my other calendars and then I miss a date.

There is no control for that in Manager.

@anony253 as far as I’m aware, Manager now uses the locale settings given to it by the underlying operating system.

If you’re using Windows 10, you can use this guide. If you’re using a different operating system, you should find out how to change the default first day of the week for that particular operating system.

Nope, Manager doesn’t seem to use the default for Windows 10

By chance, I also just checked macOS as @Joe91 did for Windows. The first day of the week setting in Date & Time System Preferences had no effect in Manager.

Well, I stand corrected. Maybe @lubos can add a setting for it during his next sweep of the code?

The latest version (18.11.28) sets start of the week to Monday but I think I will have to make it a preference under Preferences tab. However as per ISO standard, Monday is the start of the week so until preference is implemented, Monday should be start of the week by default.

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Thanks very much to everyone for help with this. I am sure other users will appreciate it as well.

I am one happy user :smiley:

Not all cultures start the week n Monday, so using the local value would be preferable although a parametrizable start day would be fine too

I will go along with @Joe91. In my country, the first working day of week is Sunday just like many ME countries. So, I will prefer a parameterizeable option would be universally useful.

need the preference as in India, week starts on Sunday.