Starting balance for Inventory item in multiple warehouse locations

Hi Tut,
Kindly confirm the Manager treatment done below for an item with stock balance in multiple locations.

I have 1,200 Pcs of apple as at 31st December.

The different locations are already created in Manager before creating a new business in 2019.
Then I have a total of 1,200 pcs of apple, which are in the locations stated below:

Location A 200 Pcs
Location B 500 Pcs
Location C 500 Pcs

I noticed that in keying in the Starting balance:
If I select Location A and enter 200, click create, and then
select Location B and enter 500

The quantity that will be under Qty on hand will be 500 instead of total 700.

The revised treatment done is:
Enter the total 1,200 pcs in location A,

Then use inventory transfer to assign pcs of apple to Location B and C.

Please confirm if what I did is correct.

Your method works correctly. But it is unnecessary. When setting starting balances for inventory items, you can add a line for each additional location. For example:


Many thanks Tut