Add Spend Money option to credit notes

Is it possible if Credit Notes add spend money button?


I moved your suggestion to its own topic so it could get some visibility.

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Thank you

Good idea!

The issue is that credit note is not an account. It’s just a transaction which affects the balance of customer account or invoice account.

Can you give an idea of situation when you are creating credit note and refunding customer straightaway? The only time it would be when refunding customer for invoice they have already paid. Correct?

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While I moved this to the ideas category more than a year ago, I did so primarily so it might attract discussion. It doesn’t seem to have received much attention.

To me, this seems like an unnecessary addition. A credit note allows a user to give credit to a customer. That might be for a return. But it also might be because of a short shipment, breakage in transit, product dissatisfaction, etc. Regardless of the reason, it seems one should not issue a credit note if the intent is to immediately refund money. One should simply spend money.

the purpose of Credit Note is to keep all the transaction of a customer in his account. We have one senior happen to last week

we finished from providing a full service to a customer invoice and payment was made in full and closed. only material waiting for customer to receive later on the customer came to collect his material. but it was rejected due to a valid reason. we issued a credit note then we paid the money.

usually we do this practice only if we make the invoice and receive the money from customer in full before delivery of service or material

If the customer has paid the original invoice (and goods are then returned, or some other reason for credit) a credit note would need to be raised before posting a “spend money” payment to the customer’s account otherwise the customer account would end up with a debit balance.

Of course, you are correct, @generalegend. I was thinking of making the customer the Payee and mistakenly wrote about posting to the account. I have edited my post to correct it.
When spending money directly, the transaction would be posted to the asset account associated with any inventory item or the income account associated with other types of sales (or possibly a contra account for returns/adjustments).

Thanks for catching that.

I agree with this view. The issue is that refund with credit note are two separate transactions. If you want to do the shortcut as @Tut has suggested, then it’s just one transaction but it wouldn’t show in the transaction history for the customer. So you are forced to issue credit note.

There is an idea posted to make receipts and payments linked with customer/supplier account. Once that is implemented, then you will be able to do just cash refund as @Tut suggested which can represent credit note at the same time as it will show in transaction history of the customer.