Special Account Report Not showing

What is your issue? Your screen shot shows the Edit screen, used for defining the report. It shows everything it should. The report itself is displayed by clicking on View on the General Ledger Transactions page under Reports.

Nothing here. But I have 796 Special accounts with lots of transactions

It seems like you have a lot of transactions.

What happens when you wait on it for a couple of minutes?

Post a screen shot of the Edit screen of a transaction you believe should be on the report. This report works exactly as it should for me.

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@Mahfuzur_Rahman do you have any special account where the field Control Account is set to default? i.e. Special Accounts?

If you don’t, then you really don’t have any GL transactions in Special Accounts. Instead, you should use 2-2-11-1001 - Long Term Loan (FDR) or another account in your report definition.