Possible bug Receipts edits Special Accounts

When trying to edit a receipt against a special account it does not allow me to change it to another loan account. For example originally the receipt was allocated to a short-term loan account. Due to Covid the company was not able to replay the short-term loan within a year and we were advised to edit it to become a long term loan. So when trying to edit the receipt it showed the short term special account but when clicking to show others (we used to be able to select any of them) it appears blank and one can not even select the short-term loan anymore.

Example Screenshot:

You could show the chart of accounts so that we do not just have to take your word that the other loans are in the same special account

@Joe91 Special accounts do not show in Chart of Accounts, only their Control Accounts. Special accounts are part of a tab and I have 7 of them. I hereby post one of the Special accounts entries as you are right that otherwise you should just believe what I posted:

I think that the bug relates to the recent introduction (which was a good one) of Codes for Special Accounts. The prior entries did not have a code as it was not available. I added the codes to each of the Special Accounts and think that the “bug” is related to this. However, it should show the special accounts in the select list and it does not even when Creating a new Receipt. The exact problem also exists in Payments.

So as for now you can not add a receipt or payment to a special account and that I think is a bug that needs fixing asap.

I noticed that in Settings/Special Accounts one of my Special Accounts was not allocated to a Group

Could this be the same with your business -and explain the problem

That is not a bug or problem. Mine are grouped under LOANS.

Show the edit screens for the Control Accounts - I have a feeling that a recent update messed up the settings

In fact, show all the edit screens for all the accounts, special and control accounts involved

I, therefore, reported it as a possible bug and ask @lubos to look into it. I already showed you one of the Special Account entries in earlier post and will below show the screenshot of the Control Accounts where you can see that 4 Special accounts are with Long-term and 3 with Short-term loans Control Accounts. The issue is that you can not select one of these special accounts in Payments and Receipts.

That’s why I asked to see the edit screens of tall the entities involved - but if you want to leave it for lubos to solve, that’s fine

Are you saying when you click on Account column in payment or receipt, your special control accounts (e.g. 2021 - Loans long-term) are not visible?

Please see screenshot below:

Even though 7 special accounts are available to select from it just does not allow me in receipts or payments.

It used to list them

When clickin “edit” on an earlier one you get the display of one account see below:

Then when trying to change that account it shows the following (no matches found);

Then when “deleting the one by clicking on x” you do not even get this one back.

So this is not ok.

What I am saying is that if in receipts or payments I select 3500-Special Accounts it does not allow me to select one of the Special Accounts I setup in the Tab. The control accounts are setup fine has nothing to do with the bug was in respinse to @Joe91.

@eko as per your screenshot, none of your special accounts are using built-in Special Accounts account. Can you change 3500 - Special Accounts to 2021 - Loans long-term and then try to select special account?

Yes, that works, but why is this as before you can see that 3500-Special Accounts would show 2224-Short Term Loans. I understand that I now will have to edit each entry, but puzzled how this could happen. Some explanation would help, thanks.

This is the same issue like here

You do not have to edit each entry to correct control account. It won’t change anything.

I fail to understand your response, @lubos. This is clearly a bug, yet you did not mark it as such when you edited the title to remove capitalization. The other topic you linked you removed from the bugs category, but nothing was fixed.

The problem is clear: the default Special Accounts control account name (or whatever it might have been renamed) is showing instead of the custom control account to which the special accounts are assigned. But account postings are correct. And View screens (for journal entries) show the correct custom control account designated for the special account. So this is just a labeling problem on Edit screens. Based on content of my companies, I can determine that this problem description applies to journal entries and receipts, but I had no pre-existing transactions of other types.

I do not understand this statement, either. If you edit a transaction showing the incorrect control account by selecting the correct, custom control account, the edit is saved. That is, it is permanently changed.