I don't want special accounts

Today i have upgraded my version… all looked ok… but then this special accounts popped up from no where… total of 9 GL accounts which were standalone are now grouped under special accounts… similar GL accounts in few cases are not mentioned as special accounts…

i do not want this… how can i correct my special accounts…

please help me…

You are using multi-currency and those special accounts were originally created in Chart of Accounts as foreign-currency accounts.

New version doesn’t allow to create foreign currency accounts directly in chart of accounts. If you had any such an account, they were created as special accounts.

You can still show them individually in chart of accounts by creating control accounts in chart of accounts and then allocating these special accounts to be shown under control accounts.


thanks for your reply… however i find that few of such accounts of similar nature are not catogorised and few are catogorised… their is no consistency…

Please tell me how to go back to previous situation and take out this special accounts???

their is no consistency…


I have not understood how i can still show it seperately…what control account i have to ceate or under what currency… their are many transactions under these GL accounts…

what about them

Now that you have accessed your data file with the newer version of the program, you cannot access it with older versions. The data structure has been modified and you risk corrupting your data.

Also, you are writing in such vague terms, it is probably not possible for anyone to help you. Can you show a screen shot of your chart of accounts so we can see exactly what accounts you are talking about? A few of this and a few of that is not adequate to tell what you mean.

Dear Tut… A very good morning and sorry for my bad english.

i am attaching here two photos… Previously ( upto yesterday) my other account Master too was looking like ICICI FD account…

however from nowon… the RBL FD account is shown as a control account, where as the ICICI is shown as it is…

Both have similar currencies and similar in nature…

hope i am clear.

Details of two accounts are not enough. You need to post the entire chart of accounts as I first asked.


hope this is ok

Dear Tut
Trust these photos are ok and … if you need any further info please ask me specifically…

First of all, I deleted your screen shot showing credit card numbers. You should never show such personal information on this forum. I did not expect to see that, because you have your chart of accounts set up incorrectly. Several problems need to be corrected:

  1. You have an asset group named Debtors with no accounts in it. You must fix that, because you cannot post transactions to groups, only to assets.

  2. You have interest income accounts listed in the Fixed deposits asset group. That is incorrect. Interest earned is income, not assets.

  3. Your credit cards accounts appear to have been created outside the Cash Accounts tab. All accounts through which money entered or leaves the company must be under the Cash Accounts tab.

Your accounts cannot be correct until you fix those problems.

Hi, I just downloaded the desktop edition and am trying to enter my chart of accounts. I have a USD base currency with numerous AUD and EUR denominated accounts. How do I enter these in the chart of accounts? I don’t see any ability to change the currency. Thanks!

Are you referring to P&L and/or Balance Sheet accounts? Or are you referring to specific cash accounts, such as a foreign-currency bank account?

Balance sheet accounts (AUD loans and EUR payables).

Balance sheet accounts must be shown in your base currency. Otherwise, you could never balance the accounting equation. Currency selections are set at the customer, supplier, cash account, or transaction level and converted based on exchange rates.

I figured out how to get around it by using a suspense account and booking the foreign currency accounts in a journal after entering my USD opening balances. I’m an accountant and managed to balance my opening balances perfectly while at the same time recording all my foreign currency accounts in their related currencies. This is a pretty slick software program once you figure out how to work around the forex bookings!

Dear Cat

in CoA you can only enter in your base currency…

Only at transactional level you can change the currency.
hence while initial uploading please transfer all into the base currency and upload.
hope this help.

@Cat2133 if you have loan accounts in foreign currency, you can create these loan accounts under Special Accounts tab. Special accounts can be linked to custom control account in your Chart of Accounts.

Dear Forum,

I asked this question in JANUARY!!

I have figured out how to use the special accounts long ago.

Br, Cat

how can i remove “special account” in my chart of account?