South Africa Localisation - Calculation error in Sub Total A

There is an error in the Sub Total Calculation for the VAT201 - Vendor Declaration report (South Africa Localisation).

Sub Total A should be 20 136.78 as per the example screen capture. @Panashe_Mlambo please confirm ?

I get the same thing. It’s taking the VAT payable/refundable total from the end and duplicating it as Total Output Tax.

I can also see this error. @Morne_Kruger you have access to SA localization server. Can you please do the cleanup?

Let me check it. It should be R20 136.78

I have updated the report variables. It should be adding correctly now.

Thank you Panashe, I have confirmed that the calculation is correct. @Abeiku How do we get this included in the latest release?

Please note, for usability purposes, there has been changes to the Tax Code names as well

If I am not mistaken, the changes done on the localisation file are automatically incorporated on the next update.

I just downloaded 22.3.25, and the issue still persist. Any idea what to do?

The update (fix) may not have been released yet. I’m not sure how to address this in your current business file because users presently cannot access report transformations when they pick a localization template, and upgrades will not override your current settings.

@lubos kindly update SA localisation.

Waiting patiently.

You can adjust your report settings to the above settings

No you cannot, the Report Transformation is not available in the live business?

@lubos Any possibility of getting these updates icluded in the next release or 2?

At the moment, I don’t have workflow quite worked out yet so changes to localizations do not make it into the latest version. I’m working on this.