Localization not working as intended

When localization for UAE is imported for a new business (Cloud Edition), the tax line “8. Totals” doesn’t tie in because it relies on ReportingCategoryReversed field to be set in order for it to work.

Localization server tax code edit screen

However, this field doesn’t appear when setting up Tax Codes and this causes a discrepancy in the localized tax report

Client tax code edit screen

Localized tax report

Line “8. Totals”, column “Amount (AED)” value is wrongly stated at 99,656 when it should be 131,692.

I thought maybe the ReportingCategoryReversed were not loaded so Itried removing the localization and reimporting it in the hopes that it loads again properly but found no luck.

On further testing, the fields appeared when I manually created Test Reporting Categories.

Client server

Furthermore, I examined the localization server to check if there was any apparent problems with these Reporting Categories and found that all categories were setup correctly and none of them were Inactive.

Localization server

So I think there’s a problem with loading of UAE localization to Business files on client cloud servers.