Some help with the dates on Import Bank Statement

Today is March 5, 2018. In the United States, we do month/day/year.
So, I made sure my CSV files had the Date as 3/5/2018. However, when I
did the import, I see 5/3/2018 which would be May 3, 2018.

I went to Preferences and saw that It was month/day/year. I tried the
import again, but same results.

Then I went to Preferences and set to day/month/year. I got the same
results that the date imported as May 3, 2018 instead of March 5,

I put Preferences back to month/day/year. This time, I changed the CSV
file so that the date is 5/3/2018. I did the import but got the same
results of May 3, 2018.

I went to Preferences, and again changed it to day/month/year. I did
the import again. I still got the same May 3, 2018 results.

I think I tried all four possible combinations of Preferences (day or
month first) and CSV file (day or month first).

Finally, I tried everything above using 03/05/2018 and 05/03/2018. The
date March 5, 2018 always imports as May 3, 2018.

Here is my CSV file:

3/5/2018,Test import,20.00
3/5/2018,Test import,21.00

What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting that can make March 5, 2018
import as March 5, 2018? Is there some other way to express the date
in the CSV file that will make March 5, 2018 import as March 5, 2018
and not May 3, 2018?

Are you only importing one day of transactions, if yes, then this use to be a bug so you may need to update Manager - read this topic

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Yes, when I changed one of the dates so that the dates were not all
the same, then the import worked perfectly.

I used this CSV file to try it:

3/4/2018,Test import,20.00
3/5/2018,Test import,21.00

I have the Cloud Edition of Manager.