Solve the problem with Withholding tax Accounts Receivable


I have a problem we create a lot of journal entries from we started business from 2015 there is a problem in this account **138 - **

when we create a report we don’t found any transaction and the balance sheet unequal.

Try create one blank Withholding tax receipt

it just work, i dont know why

This issue has been reported on 2 other occasions:

I am not sure why the moderators have not classified this as a bug or that @lubos has not done anything about this.

When a legitimate transaction causes the Balance Sheet to be incorrect I would classify this as a critical error.

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Withholding Tax Journal entry amounts don’t reflect on the balance sheet.

Now, using journal entries in the recording of withholding taxes is wrong in the first place but Manager should always put things it does not know where to put under suspense.



It under bugs topic now