Posting to Suspense account from Withholding Tax Receivable journal entries

Transactions are incorrectly posted to Suspense when a journal entry involves the Withholding tax receivable account. Screen shots below show the drill-down on the Suspense account in a test business:

and the Edit screen for the journal entry:

and the View screen for the journal entry:

Having illustrated that, I also note that Withholding tax receivable can no longer be selected for journal entries. The example illustrated above is left over from before the Withholding Tax Receipts tab was created. Therefore, this should not be a problem going forward, but it may be related to spurious allocations to the Suspense account some users have recently reported.

There is no action that needs to be taken here.

Manager is tracking Withholding tax receivable amounts per customer. And Withholding Tax Receipts tab has been available since the beginning.

This is not possible to fix as journal entry does not capture for which customer this entry is meant to be. And I can’t have this journal entry debit or credit Withholding tax receivable account because then the balance on balance sheet would not equal sum of balances per customer.

I don’t believe that is correct. The first mention of the tab was added to the Guides in July 2021. Prior to that, if I remember correctly, you could only record withholding tax receipts by clicking a button after drilling down on the Withholding tax receivable account.

Nevertheless, selection of the Withholding tax receivable account was obviously feasible in journal entries at some point, because my test business contained the entry described above. Unfortunately, I’ve done so much experimentation in that business I cannot reconstruct how or when the entry was made. So perhaps it doesn’t matter. As I commented earlier, this should not be a problem going forward. And no one else has reported the issue.