SMS gateway integration

I have one query regarding SMS gateway integration in Manager Application. Can we attach our SMS gateway (using API provided by SMS Gateway Company) in the Manager Application?? Like after successful payment the application will send a SMS to customer’s registered Mobile Number. In this way we can do other things also those requires SMS for communication to customer or supplier or any other vendor.
I know for this we must have the code of Application. But still if possible by any means, Pls help.


Sorry, Manager doesn’t integrate with any SMS gateway currently.

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Please, integrate manager with any SMS gateway. This is very helpful to update customers. You guys have any intention to integrate? I will be happy to know…
Thanks for supplying this software with update freely…


Would be great if this function is available.


That’s right

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i was also looking for the same feature, it will be great.

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If manager add sms function it would be great.

Lubos any information when you starting SMS service

there was never any promise of integrating sms service in Manager.

i know but if there is any chance then please let us know, it will be a great help

new features will always be announced on the forum and on the releases page.

or you can subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates on your email.

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I don’t think Manager needs to integrate with any SMS gateway. There are plenty of “email to SMS” services and Manager already allows to send emails. So theoretically it’s already possible to send SMS from Manager. Just google for email to SMS to see what’s out there.

If in case the SMS Gateway allows sending SMSes by a accessing a simple url with authentication etc params ( example:, http://<some third party sms gateway []>/index.php?

then this all you need is

  1. a simple html form
  2. which can post the message
  3. to a php script which can make a CURL call to the SMS Gateway URL

sample code for a CURL call