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1.As i understand, SMS API or Gateways are not supported yet, (Which is available as optional in majority softwares), is it possible to automate emails? whenever new invoice, payment or delivery note is done, i want email gone automatically.

  1. from Sales or Purchase invoice, it is not mentioned if delivery or goods receiving is done, it is possible to add delivery note twice because there is nothing which can show if delivery note is already done or note, for this i have check delivery notes manually.
    is it possible to mentioned delivery/Receipt status on Invoice somehow?

the email feature is as per user requirement. if u wana use it then u have to select it.
the sms feature may be introduced but totally depends on developer team

He wants an automatism

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Manager does not take any action autonomously. Its philosophy is that after a transaction is created, you see the result before taking further action. Otherwise, you are likely to be sending out many erroneous documents. In some cases, such as when generating sales invoices from billable time or expenses, editing the invoice is almost always necessary, because the creation process only grabs the billable entries. Due dates, payment discounts, late payment fees, order and quote numbers, discounts, rounding instructions, withholding elections, custom themes, and tax-inclusion must all be indicated after the invoice has first been created.

Outstanding deliveries are meant to be checked in the Customers tab, under the Qty to deliver column. This is preferable to checking sales invoices because a customer may have ordered the same item several times. All undelivered items can be checked in one place. The process is similar for goods receipts; check under the Suppliers tab.

If someone send wrong documents by mistake, thats Biller/user problem not developer’s,
that is not justification for not having a option, many billing systems already used emails for notifications like WHMCS and many others.
Still if you are worried that one will send erroneous documents, schedules emails can be used like with CRONS or something like that., so biller will have enough time to edit or correct data before actaual email.
or it can be optional for biller if he want to turn on automatic emails or not.
what you have said is not valid point to justify.

Outstanding deliveries are meant to be checked in the Customers tab… Sorry, but meant by who?
if i want to check few months or a year old invoice, i have leave invoice page and check inventory page or customer to check it that invoice goods were delivered or not.
software suppose to make life easy, not other way

I just ask for a simple and minor addition to add delivery status on invoice, instead of addressing that issue, you start justifying not having it. i dont know what kin of support that is.
developer have to call sttaus from database and display only, ts not big deal.

if this software was made by php and simple SQL, i could have done that addition my self.
probably @lubos should check this out provide some help to ease life.

Agreed, but unfortunately far to often Users requests, suggestions and/or solutions are met with this type of response.


While having your suggested “delivered” status stamped on to the Invoice seems simple enough, the current Customers tab > Qty to Deliver* column provides a similar quick confirmation. If the column exists then it can be assumed that there are outstanding Delivery Notes relating to particular Invoices. Same applies for Supplies

*The Qty to Deliver column disappears when there are no outstanding Delivery Notes, so all goods have been delivered.



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The developer.

I did not justify anything, @Mian_Waqas_Azfar. I just explained the program’s design philosophy. I did not design it or write it. But I did try to explain where the information you want can be obtained.

thank you for explanation.

then i will wait for @lubos , i think both of above options are useful for all users, it is not customization which i need only.

yes thats why i said it should be very difficult task, data is already these, developer just have to provide code for calling delivery status from database, then we can use that code in our theme templates.

I’m planning to improve emailing so it will be possible to see whether document has been emailed or not.


Our team would really find this useful - Email Status of an Invoice

Please also address other issue,
Please provide code to call delivery/Receipt status to display on invoices

Hello @lubos

still waiting for other 2 issues.
plus i have i minor problem , as you guide how to call custom field, that is working fine other than 1 small issue.
when i call custom field, i does not remember line breaks. all text is mixed up due to that.
can we somehow set to remember line breaks in text?


my text in custom field in

line one
line two
line three

but it is showing gin invoice as

line oneline twoline three

it was working fine with original custom fields code which is

        {% for field in custom_fields %}
        <td colspan="99">
            <div style="font-weight: bold; padding-top: 20px">{{ field.label }}</div>
            <div>{{ field.text | newline_to_br }}</div>
    {% endfor %}

@Mian_Waqas_Azfar, do not divert topics with unrelated questions. That almost guarantees no one with the ability to help you will read them. And do not ask others to debug your custom theme code. That is your responsibility.

it is not custom code, it was provided by Lubos.
who will provide support other than developer?

however im agree with your unrelated topic point, i will open new thread for this issue.