Is there any possiblity to add sms api

i want to send payment over due sms to customers. Is it possible to add third party sms api in manager?

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Use “email to sms” service for that. See Email to SMS - Send Free SMS via Email for some pointers.


It is very simple to send the due sms to the client using the the sms gateway API can easily track the information, No need to add third party API’s use the services to get remaining balance Bulk SMS API Gateway Service Provider in India -

If I am not wrong, this conversation states there is a possibility of sending sms through email. I have checked the country in said link however Pakistan is not there. Can you guide for Pakistan?

Also would appreciate, if you can clarify will it be integrated on Manager as well or one need to manage it separately.

We need a support where a standard message or particular messages with certain specifics can be sent for internal/external members.

The link mentioned more than three years ago has nothing to do with Manager. Manager does not allow SMS messaging.