Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

Hi Everyone,

is there payroll system developer on this forum? could you please share your pain to amend your payroll system to meet STP2 requirement.


Have you looked at

What is the reporting requirement difference for STP 2?

There are lots of different new requirements for STP2. e.g. Income Stream, Allowance, Child Support etc many of them are very difficult to develop in practice from payroll system developer points of view

I just want to know how other developers to cope with STP2, share your smart ideas to solve STP2 problem in order to meet the requirement

Great appreciate on sharing your experience


General discussions of problems faced by payroll system developers are not appropriate for this forum. This forum is only for discussion of the Manager application.

Mandatory reporting for phase 2 starts from 01/07/2021 so there is still time left to implement this within Manager.