Simultaneous credit and debit notes

Hi All, what is the difference in (balance and full balance) of the purchase invoice and sales invoice, is it e.g. the sales invoice - purchase = balance?

You need to explain what this question has to do with Manager.

I have sale invoice with 1000 and purchase invoice with 1300, is the sale invoice balance means the -300 and the full sales invoice balance means 1000?
vice versa if the the case otherwise

As @Tut already asked: what does this have to do with the Manager accounting program?

I’m making a DN & CN in the MANAGER, and I’m confuse if there is a difference between the balance and full balance
Thank you

I still don’t understand what you mean because you either make a Credit Note or a Debit Note but not both at the same time. Can you show some screenshots of the edit screens of the Credit and Debit Notes and indicate in them the problem you think there is?

Further, can you please use terminology from the program? Manager does not make the distinction that you seem to be making between balance and full balance.

There is also a Guide about simultaneous sales and purchase invoices that may answer whatever your question is.

So, you have posted a screen shot of a printed version of the Guide. In this case, the terms you have highlighted are not used in any special sense related to the program. They have their ordinary English meanings. The addition of the adjective full to balance does not refer to anything different from the term balance by itself. It is only meant to emphasize that the credit note amount is not adjusted in any way due to the presence of the simultaneous purchase invoice.

The meaning would be unchanged if the word full were deleted.