Simplify Manager

When I try to Customize Manager and I Click on the Update after my selections. Nothing happens.

Could you illustrate what exactly are you trying to achieve, is it:

  • Enabling tab groups
  • Enabling individual tabs
  • Disabling tab groups (including used tabs)
  • Disabling tab groups (all unused)
  • Disabling individual used tabs
  • Disabling individual unused tabs

Also a couple of screenshot would help.

What do you expect to happen that is not happening?

When I click on the “Update” Button nothing happens. Windows Desktop Version

Also post a clip of the Manager launch screen (summary screen - with tabs visible) after you have clicked on Update and someone may be able to diagnose the problem.

I have just tested and it is working as expected for me.

Nothing really happens it is just the initial summary screen. We are going to update the windows 10 operating system. Then see if we have the latest Microsoft Framework on Monday. Then we will try again. Thank you all so much for your support and help for now.

Two things I would suggest first
Reinstall the same version of Manager and select repair as per

And make sure webview2 has been installed properly as per

That is what is supposed to happen. The question is whether changes to the Summary occurred because of any tabs you enabled or disabled.