Similar Bank Rules not Allocating Correctly


I have a problem with the order in which bank rules are applied. I have several rules like “UL- Div on” etc, that are set to allocate all divs that match the criteria to UK Dividends received. Then I have a rule “Div on” that is supposed to pick up all the rest of the divs and allocated to Rest of World Dividends received.

I also have several that contain the word “Interest”, ie “Interest Income”; “Interest Expense”; “Interest on Margin”; Negative Interest on Euro Balance".

These are not always allocating to the correct accounts, so for example I have UK dividends doing to ROW divs even though there is a rule for them. This only happens to some of them, so the correct rules are catching some, but not all. Is there something I can do about this? It would be ideal if I could set a rule order for a transaction to be checked against.

Thanks in advance.

You cannot do that. You need to enter criteria that are exact enough to screen uniquely.