Showing All Divisions in one page in Income statement (Actual VS Budget)

I am working in a NGO/nonprofit organization. We just become a premium user.
In our cases, some projects we manage have some local partners involved that we share our budgets. but we manage it in one accounting book and reporting.

We used the Division feature to manage this. We can see how much funds that have been used by the partners (division).

My Suggestion. If there a feature that can show All DIVISION in Income statement ( Actual vs Budget) report section in one page. Even though its just the total actual, spending and remaining balance or if its possible it could be in detail for each division showing its own actual spending and remaining, that will be really great.

right now its show only an individual income statement (budget vs actual) per division statement one by one.

Actually We can combine all the budget, actual spending, remaining of all divisions in one page by using excel but it take time every month. If this feature adopted, it just need one click to generate the all the report.

This just an idea. If this adopted, this will shortcut our reporting time. I do not know its just my preferences that can not be apply to everyone. :slight_smile:

Anyone please :smile:

Anyone please what?

You have suggested a new report format

It is most unlikely this will be implemented any time soon but who knows?

Only Lubos can answer this

He already did as he assigned it to the ideas category.