A report that combines Projects and Divisions

When entering a payment receipt, it is possible to specify the Projects and Division on the expense. Is it possible to make a Custom report showing that?
or can it add as an update to the report on the projects section
Please help and thanks in advance

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That seems like it would be a good addition to Manager.


Yes that is possible.

Possible to add in, or possible already?

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It is not possible at the moment and that is why this is placed under ideas category:


You can still make a custom report for it.

It is an interesting topic. I thought about it too.

Projects can be added to Profit or Loss Reports as an additional filter.

Doing this would make the Project tool more than a project tool. It will add another dimension to Profit or loss reporting.

For example, I run a company with two divisions, and I use a project code to track distribution costs across the divisions.

To get the total distribution cost for the two divisions, I would use the project code filter only. To get the distribution cost by division, the division code(s) will be added.

Also, a Project filter in the Profit or loss report (including budget vs actual), could be used to generate comparative columns to help compare projects’ expenses and income by periods. Currently, the project report in the Projects tab shows total expenses and income from inception to date, there isn’t a way to generate a project report for a specific period or compare periods in the life of the project.

For Budget vs Actual reporting Projects could be used to monitor cost or revenue centres in a Division.

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The project section should be like division section
(Have a report to tell what transactions is not associated to a project , can be add to the customer, and can be shown in PL)

I have created many custom fields in project section and they never show in the report even win i print

@lubos hope this will be in your radar , and appreciated

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