Showing a Custom Invoice Number on Customer Statement

I am using a custom theme to add a prefix to my invoices number since I set it to automatic numbering. The invoices Are printed with the code correctly. But the thing is, When I generate a report, the invoice number will show the number without the prefix. Is there a way to add the same prefix on the reports?

You may use a custom fields. But again it will not show in standard reports but only in custom ones… that not always can reproduce completely standard ones.

Built-in reports use only the variables defined by the program. A custom theme only surrounds those same variables with display elements. In effect, the prefix coded into your custom theme is just decoration.

IS there a way to add custom fields to standard reports?

No. Built-in reports cannot be modified except to change parameters on their definition screen, such as dates or column names.

How can I change a column name?

You can only do that for reports where the column name is a parameter on the report definition screen. You cannot do it on all reports. Read the Guide: Create reports | Manager.